TONERIDER Alnico IV PAF Style, AC4, Nickel

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  • TM-60077-001
Not all guitars are created equal. Some just don't have the tightness and clarity that you... mehr

Not all guitars are created equal. Some just don't have the tightness and clarity that you expect, especially with lower output pickps.

The Tonerider AC4 is a matched humbucker set that is pick sensitive, rich in harmonics and with a tight bass.

The Alnico 4 Classics Set began life as a rumour. We'd heard for years that some boutique makers were sourcing Alnico 4, and player response was great. At least one famous pickup maker claimed they couldn't tell the difference between Alnico 4 and Alnico 2.

To develop the AC4, we used a great Gibson Historic Les Paul that had the perfect maple and mahogany combination that makes specially voiced Les Paul-style guitars.

We made a few of these pickups back in 2007 and they quickly became favourites, and launched them into our standard range in 2008. The Alnico II Classic set in Nickel is currently our bestselling humbucker.

AC4 Neck

Model AC4N
Magnets Alnico 4 Bar
DCR 7.5k
Inductance 4.1H
Scatter High
Hookup Wire 4-adrig
Baseplate Nickel Silver

AC4 Bridge
Model AC4B
Magnets Alnico 4 Bar
DCR 8.3k
Inductance 5.0H
Hookup Wire 4-adrig
Scatter Medium High
Baseplate Nickel Silver
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